Developmental Assessments - the how, the what, the why

We are pleased to announce our April 2015 workshop will be presented by Dr Catherine Campbell, Clinical Psychologist. Dr Campbell is experienced at conducting developmental assessments of infants that fall under the follow-up program at King Edward Memorial Hospital.  As an interesting side note, she also works with the Australian Men's Hockey Program!

In this workshop, Dr Campbell will help you understand the how, the what and the why of developmental assessments. There will be the opportunity for you to ask questions, although please note this is not an individual consultation session. 

The King Edward Memorial Neonatology Clinical Care Unit provides developmental follow-up for babies who have problems after birth. These may include:

  • Preterm birth (before 32 weeks gestation)
  • Birth-weight less than 1500 grams
  • Major surgery in the neonatal period
  • Seizures or fits
  • Very poor condition at birth
  • Serious illnesses such as meningitis

The program monitors your baby’s progress through early life and provides expert advice and intervention where appropriate. Your baby needs follow-up at regular intervals:

  • Soon after discharge
  • At four months
  • At eight months
  • At 12 months for a detailed developmental assessment (Griffith’s Test)
  • Some babies may be recommended for longer-term follow-up. 

The workshop will be held in Subiaco at the Tom Dadour Centre on Tuesday the 14th of April 2015 at 7pm.  It is open to all families affected by high-risk pregnancy, premature birth or having a sick newborn.  To register for this workshop please visit the registration page.

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