Support & Concerns


If you are concerned about your baby during their NICU/SCN stay it is important to communicate that with the doctors and nurses who are caring for your baby. If you feel that you can not approach the nurse who is looking after your baby you could ask to speak with the Nursery Co-ordinator privately or approach the Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator who is responsible for all of the nurseries.

If you are having personal concerns it may be appropriate to raise those with your own GP or the NICU/SCN social worker assigned to your family.


Social Work

King Edward Memorial Hospital allocate social workers to the families of NICU/SCN babies. To make an appointment with your social worker you can phone 9340 2777 during office hours. Further information about the social work department can be found here.


All parents of NICU/SCN babies born at King Edward Memorial Hospital are able to see a psychologist through KEMH psychology department for a period of 1 year after your baby is born. To make an appointment with the psychology department you can phone 9340 1521 during office hours. If you require after hours emergency help you can phone healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222. Further information about the psychology department can be found here.