Care Packages for Bunbury

Some babies are admitted to Neonatal Units for several hours and some for many months. This has considerable impact on parents, siblings, extended family and staff, a true ripple effect.

Each baby is unique, each stay is unique but for most it is totally unexpected. Being separated from your baby isn’t what was planned. The babies admitted to Bunbury Regional Hospital Neonatal Unit generally stay 1 to 7 days. Their parents may be feeling overwhelmed and isolated during that time.

We are pleased to announce expansion of our Care Package Program to Bunbury Regional Hospital 🎉 With thanks to volunteer delivery driver Sharni, each month BRH Neonatal Unit will receive 30 ‘Special Care Packs’ for distribution to babies admitted to their unit.

We are very conscious of expanding our programs in a sustainable way. It is thanks to the generosity of the community that we can continue to grow, and support more WA families each year.

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Coffee Mornings February, March & April

Our monthly informal Coffee Mornings are a wonderful way to connect with the community. Each month we choose a new location to ensure as many people as possible are able to come to a gathering, not too far from home. Everyone is welcome to come along including parents, carers, extended family and Crafty Creators. Topics of discussion typically revolve around pregnancy, birth, the Neonatal Unit and the challenges that lay beyond.

RSVPing is not essential, but we do encourage you to do so via the Facebook event pages (click through the images below) so that we can keep an eye out for you. We welcome you to join us on:

  • 18 February at 10am at Hatched Coffee Shop, Kingsley.

  • 18 March at 10am at Whistler’s Chocolate Company, Middle Swan.

  • 15 April at 10am at Lo Quay River Cafe, Wilson.

If you have a cafe you love be sure to let us know and hopefully we can add it to our roster for later in the year!

We look forward to meeting more of you throughout 2019.

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Christmas in NICU


Spending Christmas in a neonatal unit can be incredibly tough on families. For many Christmas is a time to come together and make special memories. Most neonatal units in Western Australia have a ‘parents only’ visitation policy for infection control, and this means that siblings are often unable to meet their new baby brother or sister until discharge. It also means that families are split on special occasions such as Christmas. We know that many staff go above and beyond during the Christmas period to bring as much cheer as possible to their unit but it’s still challenging for families.

In 2015 we launched our annual Christmas Quilt Drive. This year we were once again successful in delivering Christmas Quilts to all babies occupying neonatal unit beds on Christmas morning in WA. This is only made possible through the generosity of the community! Thank you to all of our Crafty Creators who have put countless hours into sewing beautiful Christmas Quilts and Stockings for distribution. You really can see the love that goes into creating these keepsakes for families.

Each year we have been joined by the amazing family run Perth business, Foote & Flame, who have donated ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ ornaments for distribution with our quilts. Their support is phenomenal and to date they have donated a staggering 750 ornaments!

This year we delivered 255 Christmas Quilts to 24 different hospitals in WA. The bulk of them were delivered to Perth’s King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) who have Western Australia’s largest neonatal unit.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to share our Christmas Quilt Drive publicly through 10 News First (watch their story below), The West Australian and The Western Suburbs Weekly. Click through to read their articles. Huge thanks to each of them for helping us raise awareness in the wider community.

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Program Expansion

In 2018 we were so very fortunate to be beneficiaries of the amazing Army Art Exhibition. We are pleased to announce that funds received from Army Art are directly funding 48 additional placements in Developmental Playgroup in 2019! This will double our program to a total of 96 placements for the year!

Army Art are also entirely volunteer run and each year make a significant contribution to the WA community. We are so grateful to their committee and volunteers who work tirelessly to put together the annual exhibition.

Each term 24 placements will be offered in Developmental Playgroup, in two streams split as follows:

Group 1 - Babies aged 6 months up to reaching the milestone of walking (12 placements)

Group 2 - Toddlers who are walking up to age 3 years (12 placements)

Each group will run on opposite fortnights during school terms, on Tuesday mornings from 10am - 11:30am at Ability Centre, Coolbinia.  Each session will be facilitated by an experienced Play Leader and attended by suitably qualified and experienced Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist on a rotational basis.

This program is suitable for any baby/toddler who was admitted to a neonatal unit at birth. Both children born prematurely and those born full term but sick are welcome to enrol. Enrolment is on a first come first served basis and will open on January 16.

More information about Developmental Playgroup can be found on our website here.

Army Art cheque presentation with their Ambassador Senator Linda Reynolds, Committee and volunteers.

Army Art cheque presentation with their Ambassador Senator Linda Reynolds, Committee and volunteers.

Celebrating our 5th Birthday with some of our Term 4 2018 families.

Celebrating our 5th Birthday with some of our Term 4 2018 families.

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Developmental Playgroup on the move

Bare Organics-2.png

You ask and we listened!  We are pleased to announce the relocation of Developmental Playgroup which will now be held at Ability Centre in Coolbinia.  A more central location with easy access from all areas of the city!

Our friends at Ability Centre can't wait to get started in Term 4 and look forward to meeting the 12 children and their carers who will be participating.

More information about Developmental Playgroup can be found on our dedicated information page here or you can go right ahead with an enrolment through our shop here.

Please remember that placement in this program is limited to 12 and is on a first come, first served basis.  Know someone who would benefit from this program?  Please go right ahead and let them know all about it.

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