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Bed-Rest Care Packages

Expectant mothers who find themselves in hospital on bed-rest in the second trimester/early third trimester period of their pregnancy, due to complications or risk factors associated with their pregnancy face a stressful and traumatic time. They often find themselves in such situations unexpectedly and without time to make any preparations for themselves.

Our Best Rest Care Packages are currently distributed to the following hospitals:

  • King Edward Memorial Hospital;

  • St John of God Subiaco; and

  • St John of God Midland Public Hospital.

We have worked closely with select Perth hospitals to develop a bed-rest care package with contents are suitable and practical for the mothers. The Bed-Rest Care Package includes:

  • Basic hygiene items including toothbrush and toothpaste; shampoo and conditioner; and deodorant.

  • Moisturiser and Lip Balm to combat dry skin as a result of spending weeks or months in hospital.

  • Face wipes to help avoid one more trip to the bathroom.

  • A Tote Bag for your family and friends to carry clothes and other items to and from hospital.

  • Pen and notepad to write down all those questions you have for your obstetrician and mid-wives.

  • Ear plugs to block out the sound of healthy crying babies down the hallway and celebrations around you.

  • An eye mask to help you sleep in hospital.

  • An information booklet 'Hope - A guide to surviving bedrest' to give you practical tips on coping and stories of hope.

Bedrest care packages are distributed to pregnant mothers between 15 and 30 weeks gestation with an expected lengthy stay in hospital due to their high-risk pregnancy.

Neonatal Unit Care Packages

The arrival of a premature baby can be a traumatic time for families. Parents should be able to focus on each other and their new baby without having to think about unfamiliar supplies and logistics that come with being unexpectedly faced with a Neonatal Unit journey. Tiny Sparks WA aims to provide as many of these new parents as possible with a suite of Neonatal Unit essentials to assist them at this difficult time.

Neonatal Unit Care Packages are currently distributed to the following hospitals:

  • King Edward Memorial Hospital;

  • Perth Children’s Hospital;

  • St John of God Subiaco; and

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital

A Neonatal Unit Care Package includes:

  • A cooler bag for transporting of EBM (the most popular item within the existing Care Packages based on the feedback received!).

  • An IV friendly NICU top or dress.

  • Pocket hand sanitiser for keeping germs at bay when out and about.

  • Hand cream to combat dry skin caused by frequent washing and use of hand sanitiser.

  • A reusable water bottle to help maintain hydration.

  • Inkless hand and foot print kit to create a treasured keepsake.

  • A multipurpose wrap for use as an expressing cover, for skin to skin cuddles and for baby when they are big enough.

  • A Tote Bag to help carry all your items to and from hospital.

  • A pen to keep on hand to record special moments.

  • A personal message of support/encouragement from the donor.

Neonatal Unit Care Packages are distributed to parents of babies born before 32 weeks gestation and/or under 1500g and other babies with an illness/condition requiring a lengthy neonatal unit stay.