Preparing for Home

It is an exciting time when your baby is ready to leave the nursery. You may have spent days, weeks or months watching over your baby, waiting for the moment to take them home. 

Aside from excitement, it is common for parents to feel apprehensive about the move from the nursery to home, many parents worry that their baby may still need the hospital's support. Be assured that your baby will not be released from the nursery until the hospital staff caring for them agree that they are ready. 

Part of your baby's discharge will include information about home equipment (if needed), follow up appointments, aftercare services available for mum and baby, and support. 

Travel Safety

Prior to the hospital allowing the discharge, you must have a suitable newborn car seat fitted correctly into the vehicle you're using to take your baby home. For more information regarding car seats you can make an appointment at Kidsafe WA located on Thomas Street, Subiaco.
Ph: (08) 9340 8509

Home Equipment


Some babies who need extra help with breathing will go home on oxygen. Being on oxygen means that your baby needs a supply of oxygen to support their breathing. They may need this for weeks or longer. 

Going home on oxygen is quite common, and the hospital staff will make sure you have all the information you need regarding this care at home. Some information you will receive will be about the levels of oxygen your baby needs and you will be shown how to tell if your baby requires more.


Part of your baby's discharge will include information on take home medication if needed. If you are unsure, discuss with your baby's discharge team.