Father’s Day 2019

Today we celebrate Father’s Day and recognise all those Dad’s and Father Figures who…

  • are currently watching their baby in the Neonatal Unit

  • are anxiously waiting for their little one to arrive

  • only have memories of their baby in their heart

  • provide and care for their families

  • get up early for their children’t sport

  • receive phone calls from their ‘big babies’ who have grown up

Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

For our current Neonatal Unit Dad’s all over this great state of Western Australia, we have provided a small gift today. To let you know that we are thinking of you and whilst this day might not be playing out the way you had planned we hope this brings a little cheer during this extremely difficult time.

If you are a Dad or Father Figure looking for some extra support we would welcome you to join our Facebook Group specifically for Dad’s here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TSWAdadsupport

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Happy Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day is such a special day for women everywhere.  It is an acknowledgement of the amazing role women play in their families as a Mother.  For some they will be spending this special day in hospital alongside their 'tiny spark'.  To bring some joy to what is no doubt a difficult time we have sent out more than 200 gifts state wide, for those families spending Mother's Day in a Neonatal Unit.

We want those Mum’s to know they are in our thoughts. That we have been where they are now and we appreciate the unique challenges they face sitting by their baby’s crib in a Neonatal Unit, torn between their children at home and their sick baby, and those Mums whose baby's are in their hearts and not their arms.

Our gift includes a beautiful card with room for the Neonatal Nurses to stamp babies hand and foot prints and also a silver ‘Love’ bookmark. We know that baby’s who hear their Mum’s voices when they are preterm or sick do better. Their long term outcomes are improves and it increases bonding. Somethings it can be difficult to find the right words, or you may feel silly telling your baby that you love them for the millionth time that day. That is where reading comes in!

It is not necessarily what you say, but the fact they can hear your voice just as they would if they were still in utero. Why not read aloud your current novel. Not much of a reader, borrow a copy of Harry Potter or something fun and long, and go for it.

From all of the team at Tiny Sparks WA we wish mother’s everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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Christmas Card Competition

Do you have a budding young artist at home?  Perhaps your 'tiny spark' would like to design our Christmas Card which will be distributed state wide across all neonatal units this Christmas?  Please pop over to our Facebook page to find out all about the competition.  All the details are on this post and you will need to upload your picture to that post to enter.  Good luck!

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Father's Day 2017

Thanks to the support of our community we were able to distribute 210 gifts across 20 neonatal units state wide for Father's Day.  We know from the feedback we have received over the past 4 years that these special occasion gifts really go make a difference to a parents connection with their baby in the neonatal unit.

We designed cards especially for our neonate Dads so they can treasure their baby's tiny footprints created with love by their neonatal nurses. We also included a small gift to let them know that they are not alone, and the Tiny Sparks WA community is here to support them and their family.

Cards for Dad's in neonatal units.


Keyring gifts.

Mail out for our regional hospitals.

Mail out for our regional hospitals.

Heading to the post office.

Heading to the post office.

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