Workshop - The importance of music for the preterm infant and throughout the early years

We are pleased to announce our free June Workshop is now open for registration covering the topic "The importance of music for the preterm infant and throughout the early years".


Rebecca Jane Flanagan is an early childhood education specialist and a children's storyteller and performer with a wealth of experience and passion. Rebecca is also mother to little Millie, a miracle premature baby who was born last September at just 28 weeks, weighing a tiny 795 grams. Before her role as "Mum", Rebecca ran (and still does now) her own highly regarded business "Musical Experiences For Children", where she puts her background in music and opera singing to very good use! She has been a Junior Primary school teacher for 9 years, and most recently educating the eager student teachers at a number of Western Australia's top universities. Her next exciting challenge will be undertaking the position of Head of Early Childhood Music, Dance and Drama at The University of Notre Dame.

About the workshop

Music has the power to evoke joy, love and happiness… Have you listened to a familiar tune before that instantly transported you to your childhood? Music and memories are entwined, as the section of the brain where memories of our past are found also serves as a hub that links familiar music, memories and emotion. To possess these childhood memories however, one must have regular access to such joyful experiences in the first place. Music can be the key to unlocking the door to learning difficulties, has been proved to reduce stress, aid relaxation, and a recent study has even shown that singing nursery rhymes provide hospitalised children suffering illnesses with a feeling of well-being and happiness. Preterm babies who hear lullabies sung by their mother are given incredible benefits, such as lowered heart rates and improved breathing saturation. Music therapy is one of the very best ways parents can support their child in the NICU / SCN. In addition, learning music from an early age enables those neural pathways to grow in ways that can help your child maximise the potential they were born with. Research shows that playing music can make significant differences to children's abilities related to learning, memory and social interactions.

Sound interesting? Come along to the session and Rebecca will talk more about the amazing benefits of music, especially for premature babies, and will give you the tools to bring music into the lives of your children simply and effectively.

The workshop will be held in Subiaco at the Tom Dadour Centre on Tuesday the 9th of June 2015 at 7pm.  It is open to all families affected by high-risk pregnancy, premature birth or having a sick newborn.  To register for this workshop please visit the registration page.

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