Whether you wish to volunteer your talent or time, you have 1 hour a week, 1 day a month or 1 week a year, there are so many inspiring ways you could support our community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Peer Support for Families

If you have endured a high-risk pregnancy and/or watched your baby struggle for life in the NICU/SCN, you may be just the person to support a family currently going through their own journey. 

One on one confidential support is coordinated through our office, and you can assist via email, phone or face-to-face. 

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are the primary source of income to support our community and provide funding for research. We need a great team to come together to bring an event to fruition. Roles can include coordinating the event, sourcing silent auction items, liaising with the venue, selling merchandise, and promoting ticket sales.

Knitting and Sewing

Dressing your child in a beautiful handmade outfit is a special moment for parents of babies in NICU/SCN. See our knitting and sewing page for patterns for gowns, booties and beanies designed by King Edward Memorial Hospital. Please see our knitting and sewing page for a short form volunteer registration.

Community Conversations

You can join our online forums, FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest and participate in community conversations. See link buttons at the bottom of this page.

Administration Support

Administration support covers a wide range of needs to help the back office run smoothly. Roles can include database input, preparing and/or distribution of care packages, answering phones and management of merchandise.


If you have any other ideas as to how you could volunteer, please feel free to let us know.

To volunteer your talent and/or time, please complete and submit the form below. 
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Note that if you wish to volunteer for knitting and sewing ONLY, there is a shorter volunteer form on our knitting and sewing page.

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