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This is a place for our community to thank anyone and everyone who has assisted them in some way through their journey.  If you would like to submit your own message of thanks you can do so by completing the form.

We would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses at PMH who helped save Grace. She was born at Peel Health Campus with severe meconium aspiration syndrome and spent 3 weeks in the NICU. It was touch and go for the first few days but she’s a fighter. Two years on and you would never knot the battle she had. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU XX
— Kylee V
This is a poem I wrote for all the amazing staff that helped our baby girl Summa Rose when she was born 23 +5 weeks in dec 2011 in KEMH.
She is now a beautiful healthy, perfectly normal loving little toddler xx

Sixteen weeks of joy,
Sixteen weeks of tears,
Sixteen weeks together,
Memories we will remember for many years,

Our princess summa rose,
Was a fighter from the start,
Sixteen weeks to early ,
But that couldn’t keep us apart,

Mummy knew that she was strong,
And never left her side,
Daddy held her tiny hands,
And prayed to god up high,

Prayed to keep her safe from harm,
And bless her night and day,
Prayed for strength and courage,
And all our fears to take away,

I could have searched high and low,
And never could have found,
A better daddy for my girl,
To keep her safe and sound,

And to my princess summa,
I love you with all my heart,
You are a blessing from Jehovah,
So much strength from the start,

So many tiny hands and feet,
Come rushing through your doors,
Each one precious and unique,
And battling with their own wars,

We thank you all from the bottom of our heart,
For all your help and knowledge,
Watching you work together as a team,
Has truly been a privilege,

You picked us up and made us strong,
When days were dark and grey,
And reminded us that soon to come,
Were sunny and brighter days,

Days of laughter, cuddles and kisses,
Days of just pure fun,
Days at home with mum and dad,
With the patter of tiny feet too run,

Now it’s time to say goodbye,
This long journey has come to it’s end,
You are no longer doctors or nurses or staff,
Were blessed to call you our friends !!
— Krystle L
I wish to thank the whole entire Special Care Nursery, childhood health nurse Jo (Northam Hospital), Mother and Baby Unit, but I think most of all my little man Oskar - for being the most special precious little son any Mummy could ask for.
— Tara Z
I would love to say a massive thank you to Dr Craig Pennell, Teresa Warner and the gold team for taking such great care of me throughout all of my pregnancies! I definatly couldn’t have gotten through it all without their great support, advise and comfort! Words can not explain how thankful I am to them! They will always be considered as part of my family. I would also like to say a huge heartfelt thankyou to all the wonderful doctors and nurses at KEMH Nicu and special care nurseries for taking such amazing care of my beautiful babies. Thankyou for being there when I couldn’t be especially for the care they have my darling son Ashton throughout his short 5.5 months of life! Just to name a few, Alessia Chiera, Dave, Jen, Chris Foster, Dr Mary Sharpe, Linda Fahey. I will never forget the love and care you gave x
— Danielle E
There are so many people who helped our family with our premmie daughters but we would like to send a special thank to a man who; kept it real when needed, was always available to lighten the mood with his wit and be relied upon every single time. He also, I’m both ashamed and greatful to say held me as I sobbed.... a very rare event as it was all bottled up so tight. Dr. Michael Slattery, you will always be somewhat of a hero to us. Sending our support straight back at you, Lauren Holland on behalf of our two “Dutchies” Maggie and Isabelle x
— Lauren H
I would really like to say thank you to Chris the midwife who helped me give birth to Stella. I want to say a huge Thank You to Noel and Natalia for giving me the facts and keeping it real. Lastly a huge Thank you to a selection of my favorite Drs and Nurses....Rory, Cathy, Natalia, Rebecca, Jo, Sarah, Tanneal and Linda just to name a small few. We can never and I mean never Thank you guys enough.
— Theresa M
Royce, Angus and myself would like to thank all the nurses from ward 3b and 3c st Fiona Stanley after myself and Angus recently after he was born. You all provided such a high level of care and it was truely a lovely experience when we were so far away from home.
— Rebekah N