Writers Afternoon

We are hosting a Writers Afternoon on Sunday September 10 from 1-5pm in the Rockingham area (address provided on confirmation of attendance).  Our aim for the afternoon is to refine and finalise our publication 'Strength - A parents guide to the neonatal unit' so we can send it to print!

You will need to bring a plate to share, a laptop (must be able to connect to a supplied network) and lots of ideas.

We are looking for people with some of the following skills/experience:

  • Has experienced the neonatal unit
  • Good communication skills
  • Prepared to work with a team
  • Happy to share their story
  • Editing experience
  • Graphic design experience

Further we are looking to share a number of different perspectives, multiple birth, regional family, sick full termer and prematurity.

This is strictly an adults only event.  Numbers are limited due to space.  Registration is essential.  If you are interested in joining us please register below and we will be in contact.

Thanks!  We can't wait!

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