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Welcoming a baby into the world is an extraordinary experience in itself...however the arrival of a baby prematurely can make it utterly overwhelming!  The BubBE Book has been created by Natasha Bowden, a Western Australian mother of a 23 weeker to provide a source of information, inspiration, guidance and hope for the family and friends of Bubs Born Early, otherwise known as BubBE's! The BubBE Book has been created to be a guiding hand along the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey.  It is essentially a 'baby book' for the premature child and their parents, in which all of the unique experiences that come with being born, or having a child, prematurely can be recorded. 

Tiny Sparks WA have worked with Natasha and are excited to add this wonderful journal to our shop. We are very grateful that 20% of the sale price of these books through our website will be a donation to Tiny Sparks WA. A fantastic way to give back to our community. Thank you Natasha!

Natasha also has other BubBE items on her website such as car window clings and stickers.


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Baby's First Christmas in NICU

Every year more than 100 babies around Western Australia spend their very first Christmas in NICU or SCN.  Some of them have not yet met their brothers and sisters, Aunties, Uncles and the rest of their families.  This can be a very challenging time.

This year with your help and support we would like to give every baby a special Christmas ornament that can be treasured by their family for many years to come.

We would love for you to purchase an ornament and send it in to the office where we will organise for it to be gift wrapped and distributed to hospitals throughout WA to be given to a special NICU/SCN baby on Christmas Day.  If you are unable to purchase an ornament and deliver or post to the office, you can still participate.  We have a number of ornaments available through our online store, you can purchase them and we will wrap and deliver.

We know this small gesture will make a big difference to families spending Christmas in NICU or SCN.

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