FREE Milestone Cards

FREE Milestone Cards Are now available to download and print at home!

Huge thanks to our HBF Run Team for making this possible!  We can’t wait to see the display boards hanging in units and parent lounges of Perth Neonatal Units very soon. This will make it easy for parents to access cards as they need them to celebrate every small achievement of life in NICU.

We just LOVE celebrating right along with our families and welcome you to tag us on your social media if you are sharing images @tinysparkswa #tinysparkswa With 36 different cards available there is one for almost every big achievement!

This is just one of the ways we are supporting Western Australian families living life in the Neonatal Unit.

Hop over to the dedicated Milestone Card page to download your own set today.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.15.47 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 12.16.26 pm.png
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Developmental Playgroup Term 2 2017 Enrolments Open

Tiny Sparks WA  is pleased to open enrolments for our 'Developmental Play Group' for Term 2, 2017.

Who: Children 6 months to 36 months

When: Wednesdays 10:15 am - 11:45 am

Where:  Meerilinga Children and Family Centre Cockburn

Dates: 26 Apr, 10 May, 24 May, 7 Jun, 21 Jun

Cost: $45 per term

What: Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy visiting at every session on a rotational basis. An opportunity for children to be monitored within a small group setting and for parents who have experienced similar journeys to meet in a safe environment with a strict wellness policies.  Places are limited to 12. Acceptance of enrolment is first in first served.

Click through to our webstore to secure your child's place.

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Developmental Assessments - the how, the what, the why

We are pleased to announce our April 2015 workshop will be presented by Dr Catherine Campbell, Clinical Psychologist. Dr Campbell is experienced at conducting developmental assessments of infants that fall under the follow-up program at King Edward Memorial Hospital.  As an interesting side note, she also works with the Australian Men's Hockey Program!

In this workshop, Dr Campbell will help you understand the how, the what and the why of developmental assessments. There will be the opportunity for you to ask questions, although please note this is not an individual consultation session. 

The King Edward Memorial Neonatology Clinical Care Unit provides developmental follow-up for babies who have problems after birth. These may include:

  • Preterm birth (before 32 weeks gestation)
  • Birth-weight less than 1500 grams
  • Major surgery in the neonatal period
  • Seizures or fits
  • Very poor condition at birth
  • Serious illnesses such as meningitis

The program monitors your baby’s progress through early life and provides expert advice and intervention where appropriate. Your baby needs follow-up at regular intervals:

  • Soon after discharge
  • At four months
  • At eight months
  • At 12 months for a detailed developmental assessment (Griffith’s Test)
  • Some babies may be recommended for longer-term follow-up. 

The workshop will be held in Subiaco at the Tom Dadour Centre on Tuesday the 14th of April 2015 at 7pm.  It is open to all families affected by high-risk pregnancy, premature birth or having a sick newborn.  To register for this workshop please visit the registration page.

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Workshop ~ Paediatric Physiotherapy

Does your child appear floppy or loose in the joints? Do they walk on their toes? Do they have difficulty participating in and/or enjoying sport? Is your baby achieving their developmental milestones compared to other babies?

All of these children would benefit from Paediatric Physiotherapy, a sub-speciality of Physiotherapy just for infants, children and adolescents. Paediatric Physiotherapists have Masters level University training in Paediatric Physiotherapy and undertake advanced training in this area. This includes assessment of a wide range of Paediatric conditions and treatment to improve gross motor development, co-ordination and motor skill.

Triston Hunter, Paediatric Physiotherapist of Step Ahead Physiotherapy is also a long standing member of the Physiotherapy Department at Princess Margaret Hospital. She can assist your infant, child or adolescent with low muscle tone, co-ordination problems, idiopathic toe-walking, or gross motor delay with an accurate assessment and then formulate a treatment plan. She can provide treatment in her rooms, in your home or at school, depending on the unique needs of the child and your family.

Triston intends to hone in on Development in Babies 0-18 months with special emphasis on how that is unique in premature or sick infants.  She welcomes your individual questions about children of any age to ensure your particular areas of concern are adequately addressed.  The workshop will be held in Subiaco on Wednesday the 12th of November at 7pm.  It is open to all families affected by high-risk pregnancy, premature birth or having a sick newborn.  To register for this workshop please visit the registration page.

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Look at me now!

We are delighted to present you with a number of images taken for our 'Look at me now!' campaign.  This initiative is designed to provide a high impact, emotive image which shows in a very straightforward manner just how far the children have come since their stay in NICU/SCN.

These little super stars will be on display at most of our public events, their images will also be used on our website and in marketing materials.  A huge thank you to each of the families who participated.

Click to enlarge the images.

Mia born 23 weeks 4 days, 645g.  Came home on oxygen but is now a in pre-primary and thriving.

Twins Logan and Blake born at 26 weeks 2 days weighing 1070g and 945g.

Harley born 33 weeks, 1810g due to PE.

Hayley born 24 weeks 5 days, weighing 740g now a very happy kindy kid.

Aaleyah born 33 weeks 5 days, 2170g due to PE.

Aurora born 31 weeks 1 day, weighing 1410g due to HELLP syndrome.

Hayward born 27 weeks, 870g due to pre-eclampsia.

Mark born at term with stage 2-3 HIE, meconium aspiration and seizures.

Dakota born 32 weeks, 1700g, required full resuscitation at birth.

Noah born at term with a complete heart block requiring admission to NICU and fitting of a pacemaker.

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