Workshop - Going home after a lengthy neonatal stay

Taking your baby home after a lengthy stay in a Neonatal Unit can be very different to taking your baby home after the birth of a healthy newborn. Whilst both can be a challenging experience for parents, taking your baby home after weeks or months in a Neonatal Unit comes with a unique set of considerations. Many parents have these types of questions:

How do I protect my baby from germs?
I'm afraid to let other people hold my baby - how do I deal with visitors?
What do I tell people when they ask me how old my baby is?
What happens when I return to hospital for appointments? Will we be in a waiting room with sick children?
I'm nervous about having my baby home without monitors. How can I reassure myself? Do I need to buy a breathing monitor?
How long will by baby be followed up for?

This forum style workshop will discuss these issues and allow you an opportunity to ask questions, or discuss, any concerns you have surrounding taking your baby home. The workshop is open to all parents who currently have a baby in a Neonatal Unit in WA or have taken a baby home after a stay in a Neonatal Unit in recent months.

All attendees will receive a FREE gift bag on the night containing items useful for going home.

Registration is essential - Please register here

We look forward to seeing you there!

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