Dial an Elf

When good people come together amazing things happen!

We are so pleased to announce that we are partnering with Communified Inc for their Dial an Elf program to support our families in more ways that they need during their long neonatal unit stay.

Established in 2014 the Dial an Elf program has been networking volunteers with families to cook, clean, garden, walk your dog, provide transport and a wealth of other services so that families can focus on their children during long term hospital admissions.

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When your life is thrown into complete chaos by the neonatal unit it is comforting to know you can access volunteers to support you in your journey, so you can maximise time with your baby in the nursery. Research shows when parents are actively engaged in their child’s care the outcomes for baby, and mental health outcomes for parents/carers are improved.

Tiny Sparks WA Co-founder Amber Bates with Communified Inc Co-founder Rhiannon Williams

Tiny Sparks WA Co-founder Amber Bates with Communified Inc Co-founder Rhiannon Williams

All volunteers undergo rigorous screening processes along with training to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your family at all times.  Recognising that the neonatal unit journey does not end the moment you are discharged, supports are able to be continued until you are back on your feet.

We would encourage you to follow them on Facebook here. If you hold a current police clearance and would like to support families in a tangible way please volunteer with them and very soon you’ll be cooking, cleaning, gardening, collecting mail, putting a bin out, driving someone to visit their baby, or helping in another truly meaningful way.

If you are a current NICU family in need please e-mail admin@tinysparkswa.org.au to discuss applying for this program.  Assistance is currently available throughout the Perth metropolitan area and volunteers are currently being sort in the south west.

Dial an Elf we love your work and are proud to partner with you to support our families in this way ❤️❤️

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