Channel 9 - Matt & Kim to the Rescue

Co-founders Amber and Russell Bates had the surprise of a lifetime at channel 9 studios recently.  They had attended under the guise of an interview on prematurity and Tiny Sparks WA.  When the interview got underway Matt & Kim interrupted them to advise they were going to totally renovate the Bates family home.

Amber & Russell lived in a rundown 1950s beach shack together with their 4 children.  Their experiences with prematurity, developmental issues and cancer forced them to prioritise their childrens health and education ahead of living in a comfortable home.

In four short days their home was totally transformed!  Whilst renovations were underway the Bates family headed to Rottnest Island for the very first time, and enjoyed a much needed break.

For two years now Matt & Kim have been encouraging people to get involved and make a difference to others.  Many of their 'rescue volunteers' take holidays from their jobs to help give back to the local community.

Amber & Russell are just everyday Australians trying to help others during what is one of the most difficult times of their lives.  So moved by the work Tiny Sparks does IGA Community Chest were honoured to donate a whopping $20,000 towards their ongoing programs!

Ike from IGA presents an emotional Bates family with the cheque for Tiny Sparks WA.

Tiny Sparks WA wish to express their sincere thanks to Channel 9, Matt & Kim, Summit Homes, Landscapes WA, P&N Bank, RAC, Synergy, IGA and the countless other suppliers and volunteers who helped to change the lives of the Bates family and also propel Tiny Sparks WA into the future.

If you missed the show you can watch it back on the channel 9 website here.

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