19 natural ways to boost energy levels

Written by guest blogger Nikki Ranshaw. Nikki is the founder of Peak Pregnancy and specialises in working with women to stay active and healthy throughout their pregnancy journey.  Nikki is an experienced Personal Trainer with over 11 years experience working within the fitness industry specialising in women’s health and fitness. Nikki has been a Registered Midwife for over 6 years and a Clinical Nurse for over 8 years and has over 4 years experience specialising in Fertility and Reproductive Medicine. Nikki has spent over 7 years working at King Edward Memorial Hospital and has practiced in nearly every area of midwifery, from Labour and Birth Suite, Adult Special Care Unit, Obstetric Wards, Antenatal Clinics, Adolescent Clinic, Home Visiting Midwife, Parent Education, Breastfeeding Clinic and over 4 years experience within KEMH Fertility Clinic assisting women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant to conceive. Nikki has also worked in many other areas of Nursing including Neonatal Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Diabetes and more.

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19 natural ways to boost energy levels

1. Temperature control

If you’re too hot your body slows down and if you’re too cold your body temperature drops and slows you down so find that happy medium. Throw on a jumper or crank up the heater if you’re chilly, alternatively if you’re a hot person carry around a body spray mist, stand in front of a fan, go for a swim or cold shower or crack up the aircon, anything to try and keep you cool.

2. Get some fresh air

As little as 10-20 mins outdoors in the fresh air is enough to help you feel alive and energised. You don’t need a park, beach, forest or woods, just pounding the pavement will do.

3. Eat Small amounts regularly

Without food to fuel your body your engine will conk out. Small and healthy meals can boost cognitive function and keep your energy levels topped up

4. Steer clear of sugar

When I say this I mean everything in moderation…. Treat yourself once in a while, but don’t make sugary drinks or sugary food a daily habit. Sugar boosts your energy levels quickly but just a quickly leave you crashing and burning when that sugar high plummets.

5. Laugh

That’s right, laughter can lift your mood and lower stress levels, so however you choose to go about laughing that is up to you. Catch up with friends, go to a comedy night, watch a few YouTube clips, put on a comedy movie…… as long as you’re having a giggle, and feel relaxed

6.  Get moving

Exercise will get those feel good hormones pumping through your system and give you a natural buzz! Even as little as 10 minutes can do the trick

7. Stretch

Getting off the couch and stretching can fight depression and help with anxiety. Yoga and Pilates classes are also a great idea to give you some ideas about stretching and flexing.

8. Natural light

Open the curtains, open your doors, walk outside. Ever heard of seasonal depression, I’m a sucker for this…. I’m well aware that in the winter I tend to shy away from the world and hibernate more than usual and in summer I’m full of energy and life. So if it’s one of those gloomy days or if you’re just feeling down add some sunlight to your day

9. Makes friends with complex carbs

Even if you are on a low carb diet you still need carbs to function throughout the day, so don’t cut out carbs altogether. Complex carbs are brain food and slowly release glucose to keep you energised and thinking straight. Cutting out carbs altogether can leave you feeling grumpy, moody and forgetful, I’m sure you can relate with that! Remember if you are breastfeeding or pregnant you need to up your daily carb intake.

10. Work out in the morning

Hitting the gym in the morning can increase your days productivity and give you a good morning energy boost to start your day with a natural high

11. Get in a power nap

Just 10-20 minutes is plenty, this is just enough to give you a second wind to help you get through the day, any more than this can do the opposite effect and may also throw off a good nights sleep.

12. Chew or suck on something

By this I don’t mean over eat! At times where you need to be concentrating or at work on a Monday morning with Mondayitis, try chewing on a piece of chewing gum or munching on veggie sticks, something to keep your mind occupied to increase alertness and lift your mood

13. Take a shower

A cold shower!!! Nothing like a good bout of cold water to wake you up, brrrrr, works every time. A cold swimming pool, lake or ocean will do the trick as well.

14. Breathe in and Out

Yep, taking big deep breaths can up your blood oxygen level which can increase your alertness and energy levels

15. Drink water

Aim for 2-3 litres a day, don’t let yourself get thirsty as this means you’re already dehydrated! It’s amazing how good you feel after downing a pint of water when you’re feeling tired. Dehydration causes you to feel tired and robs you of energy. Every morning before you get up drink a big glass of water even if you don’t feel thirsty, you have been fasting for hopefully 7-8 hours you will be in a mild dehydrated state when you wake up.

16. Sing

Singing requires you to take big breaths, which oxygenates the blood. If you’re a nervous singer then adrenalin will start pumping around your body which will act as a natural high. While on this note why not fully get into the moment and turn up the tunes to even further boost your alertness

17. Socialise

Even if you don’t feel like getting out the house or having anyone over, pick up the phone and organise a catch up with a friend or family member. Studies show that people who socialise are generally happier than those who don’t

18. Do something fun

If you’re feeling bored you get sleepy so go do something you enjoy for a few minute to keep you awake! Walk away from the computer or get up off the couch and find that something you enjoy to do for a few minutes.

19. Colours

Wear bright clothes, buy flowers for your home, decorate your house with bright objects, instead of buying the popular black staple items try choosing things with bright colours. Surrounding yourself and your home or office with bright colours can lift your mood and positive outlook on life. Let’s just say my car is bright yellow, I love sunflowers, my house is decorated in bright yellow and blues and most of the clothes have colour in them, this one definitely works for me!

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